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Only Authorized Distributor for Bonafont in the US


We are a supplying service and business representation company in the United States and Mexico, providing a complete alternative of products and a proactive, fast and efficient service to maximize profit for our clients.
We are dedicated to supply products of interest for the Latin American market in supermarket chains and wholesalers in the United States. We supply imported, labeled and door delivered products to our customers’ distribution center in both countries.
One Supply - Bonafont
Bonafont Kids


600ml Bottle
1 liter Bottle
1.5 liters Bottle
Bonafont Kids

Bonafont Levite

Flavors: Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber-Lime, Pineapple-Coconut, Hubiscus, Strawberry-Lychee, Green Apple-Kiwi, Balance with Aloe Vera, Tuna-Lime.
Bonafont Kids

Bonafont Juizzy

Flavors: Guava, Orange, Tangerine, Hubiscus, Lime, Pineapple, Apple, Tamarind.
Bonafont Kids

Bonafont Kids

Flavors: Apple, Grape, Mango, Orange and Natural Water.


Brand & Business Representation

We help you with planning and administrative processes to expand your products and company.

Imported Products Supply

We facilitate processes, saving time, effort and capital.

Customs Services

Taking care of customs procedures required from each country is another of our integral services. We manage any type of legal product.

Customer´s Inventory Management

Its application helps to optimize readiness handling and order delivery, also involves teamwork between suppliers and customers (retailers, manufacturers, etc).

Logistics and International Trade

We help to improve logistical and trading procedures by offering a high quality service to all our customers.

Product Labeling

We offer customized labels that are in compliance with the requirements of current legislation of the markets.

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Productos Alpura

We are an authorized distributor for Alpura products.

Alpura is a proudly Mexican company, founded in 1970 by farmers, with the commitment to deliver the best fresh milk ensuring high quality since the beginning of the processes. Cows loved and respected to make the products taste better than anyone. They have 123 own ranches, each one with specialist veterinarians who monitor cow´s health and diet every day. For this and more, they are proud to say they have the best milk in Mexico.
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Our team is focused on giving customers the highest quality products available, we have experience in a great variety of areas.

Grocery Products

Raw Material

Sterile Areas Supplies

Instrumentation Supplies

Laboratory Supplies

Electric Equipment

Safety Supplies and Equipment

Industrial Machinery and Spare Parts